If you can wear it, we can brand it!

If you can wear it, we can brand it! We have been privileged to help countless businesses stand out from the crowd through their uniform and workwear. With so many garment options on offer, our branding capabilities need to be diverse ensuring the best results for logo production. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way achieving the best results for your brand.


Embroidery is the process of turning a graphic or text into needle-and-thread for application to a garment or other fabric item. Using state of the art software and multi-head industrial sewing machines, embroidered designs can be simple, one-colour designs or multi-coloured. Thread washes well, can be ironed, and retains its colour very well after many washes. Embroidery is considered to a stylish and durable branding technique.

Digital Print

Involves either cutting out a design from a coloured vinyl and using heat to press the design to the fabric or using a digital print out made with a solvent ink which adheres to the garment when heat is applied. The process is like applying a decal or sticker, except the transfer is applied on fabric using heat. Vinyl cut is ideal for team names and numbers. And digital print is ideal for bright imagery, even photos.

Digital Film Transfer

DFT is the process of printing your designs using a pigmented ink onto a transfer film. The design is heat pressed onto the garment. DFT is ideal for vivid colours and crisp lines for a great finish. Unlike digital print, the DFT print has a much smoother feel on the garment.

Screen Printing

The basis of this technique is the production of a stencil design on a mesh screen. Once the stencil is set up on the garment, the ink is applied on top and is pushed through the screen to create a print on the material below. Designs using this technique can maximise one colour tone or incorporate multi-colour tones. An important point to note is that a separate mesh screen is required for each colour of your logo so designs with many colours might need to consider another option. There is a minimum of 25 units required all receiving the same size print.

Dye Sublimation

Sublimation printing sees the garment become the branding by dying the fabric itself. It is best suited to polyester-based fabrics that are white or light in colour. Your artwork is printed onto a specialty paper and pressed onto the fabric using high heat. Colours are vibrant and durable with a smooth feel.